Group Coaching

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What does showing up mean to you? What does it mean to others?

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What is holding you back? What might you not see?

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How do you step more fully into you? How do you know?

If the idea of hashing out these questions with a handful of other carefully curated individuals excites you, group coaching might be just what you are looking for.

We have the opportunity to show up as a leader in every aspect of our lives - from work to home, from community to individuality, from the moment we awake to the moment we fall asleep. Leadership is vast and expansive. And, here’s the best part - you get to choose what it means to be a leader. Rather than react to what’s happening around them, true leaders are intentional and proactive - creating the world they want for themselves and others.

Utilizing the tools embedded in my powerful new workbook, Befriend Your Brain, we will explore the stories, the rules, the values, the motivation, and the purpose behind the truest iteration of ourselves. We will get honest with each other about the places we are showing up differently than the people we know ourselves to be. If you are committed to embarking on a journey of growth and want to do the hard, but rewarding work with like-minded souls, this is for you.

Lindsey Frierson

Coaching for me was something I committed to without knowing what the end result should be, but I knew I needed to do it. Darla encouraged me and helped my true self shine through the process. She balanced challenging me and reflecting back to me the ways I could grow, and her intuition and insight alone were worth the program. At the end, the results were much more amazing than I could have imagined--I feel free and liberated to continue the journey to being me.

Lindsey Frierson

Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

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